Mazda Electric Car 2020 Review, Redesign, and Specs

Mazda Electric Car 2020 Review, Redesign, and Specs. Mazda has been notoriously slow to embrace electric cars, but it now appears we’ll be seeing the company’s first all-electric model next year.

Mazda Electric Car 2020 Images

Back in 2016, Mazda claimed it would offer electric vehicles by 2019. The company later announced a partnership with Toyota to develop EVs, but concrete Mazda EV reports over the past few years have been few and far between.

Toyota, far behind on all-electric cars in their own right, recently showed their new direction, revealing images of new all-electric vehicles last week.

Mazda Electric Car 2020 Redesign

Marumoto also said next year’s electric Mazda wouldn’t come from that partnership:

” We are jointly developing a new EV architecture with Toyota, but we will first introduce our own EV on a Mazda architecture in 2020.”

Mazda Electric Car 2020 Specs and Features

A product plan it released last month shows that in 2019, it will launch the efficient new SkyActiv-X engine, the first high-volume engine put into production that uses homogeneous charge compression ignition or HCCI.

That year it will also introduce a mild-hybrid system, included on SkyActiv-X engines shown as static displays during the 2017 Global Technology Forum it held in August.

Company of Mazda will launch a battery-electric car–” with and without a range extender,” it says– in 2019 as well, likely as a 2020 model.

Mazda Electric Car 2020 Powertrain and Engines

Mazda focusing on far more efficient combustion engine technologies, it will use Toyota’s underpinnings and technical development with a dedicated Mazda body on top.

Asked if that vehicle would use a new model name (e.g. Nissan Leaf) or change powertrain option under an existing and recognized vehicle line (. e.g the upcoming BMW 3-Series electric model), Fujiwara suggested the all-electric model would carry to a new model name.

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Plug-in hybrids, on the other hand, he said, would be powertrain variants of existing models with some added hardware.

Mazda is only likely to sell its all-electric car in a few regions, including China and California.

Both have regulations specifying how many zero-emission vehicles a manufacturer must sell, though China’s goals are far more aggressive in the near term than those in the Golden State.

Focus on wells to wheels

Fujiwara said the company will first sell that car in regions that meet two criteria.

They must have sufficient electric-car charging infrastructure– but they must also have an electric power grid that’s sufficiently clean.

There’s no information about what kind of model the electric Mazda might actually be. There’s also no indication of where Mazda may release the EV– will it come to the US, or just Europe, considering the publication, and the subject of EU emissions?

For what it’s worth, Marumoto said later in the interview, “we don’t make cars only for Europe.”

Electric’s Take

In 2017, Mazda executive Robert Davis said the “impending death of the internal combustion engine is overrated,” and also said Mazda was against “compliance cars.” The automaker doesn’t exactly seem ecstatic about a move toward electric– to say the least– it’s clear that they have no choice but to accept the reality of the situation.

We don’t know what the all-electric Mazda model will be, but what would you want to see from the carmaker? An electric Miata would be pretty sweet …

If the goal of reducing carbon emitted from road vehicles is, in fact, to slow release of the carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change, then that’s exactly the right metric to use.

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Mazda feels there’s a lot of room left for efficiency in combustion engines.

While the most efficient engines now in production reach 40 to 42 percent thermal efficiency, the company’s calculations suggest 55 to 60 percent is achievable, according to Ichiro Hirose, managing executive officer in charge of the company’s powertrain development.

Release date and Price

Fujiwara said, Mazda doesn’t see any point within the next 10 years at which battery-electric cars with reasonable ranges can be sold profitably at prices that equal those of the most efficient conventional cars.

For context, the company’s highest-production car globally is the Mazda 3 compact hatchback and sedan line, which starts around $19,000 in the U.S. this year.

Mazda Electric Car 2020 Rumors

Mitsuo Hitomi, Mazda’s managing executive officer and technical center chief, said during the technical session that the company believes vehicles with far more efficient combustion engines will remain the largest part of the global market through 2035, and liquid fuels will dominate until 2040.

Fujiwara said, the ability to create carbon-neutral synthetic hydrocarbon fuels that can substitute directly for fossil-fuel gasoline is a major opportunity to slash carbon emissions.

Still, like Toyota with hydrogen fueling infrastructure, Mazda can’t make that happen alone– leaving calculations of the wells-to-wheels carbon emissions of its SkyActiv-X engines reliant on conventional gasoline made from fossil-fuel oil.

The question for Mazda over the next decade or so will be whether its engineers can produce engines that lower carbon emissions enough to match the falling carbon footprint of electric cars, as electricity grids around the world add renewables and decarbonize at a rapid clip.

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